Wise owl library bag

P1040696Whilst looking for work after finishing university I made this library bag for mum with an appliqued wise owl.

To make the bag

1. You need a piece of material that is 48cm X 88cm. Cut the piece of fabric so that there is 40cm X 88cm piece and 8cm X 88cm piece.

2. With the larger piece of fabric, fold it in half long-ways (right sides facing out) and sew the edges to make a pocket. Iron and turn inside out and sew the sides again to make a french seam.

3. Fold and iron the top of the bag twice and sew the seam.

4. Turn the bag inside out and sew a triangle on the two bottom corners, 6.5cm away from the corners. This will create a base.

5. To make the straps cut the smaller piece of material in half long-ways.

6. Iron the material into the middle. Fold and iron. Sew along the edge. The strap is then 4 layers strong.

7. Bag is made, ready for the applique owl.

To applique the owl



  • four types of material scraps. I chose light purple, green, pink pattern and another pattern.
  • matching or complementary embroidery thread
  • fusible web
  • print out of design wise owl
  • needle
  • scissors


1. Trace the design onto the fusible web and cut out the pieces.

2. Iron on the pieces to your scrap fabric. Check that the patterned material is in the relevant direction. I chose light purple for the body, green for the beak and legs, pink pattern for eyes and book, and the other pattern for the wings.

3. Peel off the ‘tracing paper’of all the pieces. Iron the pieces onto the bag in this order; body, eye, beak, book, wings and lastly feet.

5. Stitch on large and small buttons together.

6. Blanket stitch around all of the pieces.

7. Admire handiwork.


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