Rocking chair pillow


I think everyone should have a rocking chair to relax in. My rocking chair is very special as it was my grandmas then my great aunts. So I wanted to make a special cushion for it. Inspiration came when I went for a walk at Seacliff Beach and on my way I saw a few silver eye birds in the bushes. They are migratory creatures, have a cute high pitched chirp and white patch around their eyes- hence their name.


After making the green cushion. I appliqued the silver-eye-like bird onto the bottom left hand corner of the cushion.


  • fabric scraps. I used white, green, blue and orange
  • matching or complementary embroidery thread
  • fusible web
  • print out of design silver eye
  • needle
  • scissors


1. Trace the design onto the fusible web and cut out the pieces.

2. Iron on the pieces to your scrap fabric. I used white for template piece no. 1, 2, 3. I used blue for template no. 4, 5. Orange for template no. 6 and green for template no. 7, 8.

3. Peel off the ‘tracing paper’of all the pieces except the body. Iron the pieces onto the body.

4. Peel off the ‘tracing paper’ from the body and iron onto your cushion.

5. Back stitch around all of the pieces and make a french knot for the eye.

6. Admire.


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