felt vegetables


For a break from the sewing machine I was searching for a fun hand stitched project and came across this magical idea; making felt vegetables thanks to Katie Shelton’s post DIY plantable felt garden box on the website a beautiful mess. I made a set for myself and a set for a local kindergarten. I thought this was the perfect way to encourage children to eat their vegetables. Also I like how they have leaves on them, suggesting that vegetables are grown not packaged.

Here is my felt veggies template to make them (except the eggplant).


Eggplant: I used the free pattern downloadable from the blog designed, decorated and made while wearing heels.











Beetroot/radish: I had fun making these with the clever use of pipe cleaners stitched behind the veins of the leaves to make them bendy. I followed Katie Shelton’s tips on how to make them and created my own template.


Carrots: Despite not knowing French, the blog Et moi alors has great pictures on how to make carrots. Again I created my own template.


Leek: the blog Et moi alors has pictures on how to make leeks.



Zucchini: The zucchini is my own creation. It’s two pieces of dark green felt sewn together and stuffed with cotton. Then  I added the bright green felt ‘top’ to it and hand stitched it into shape. To add texture, I added french knots to the body.

Potato: The humble potato is two odd shaped pieces of cream felt sewn together and stuffed. I then hand stitched crosses through the body to create eyes.


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