Baby Ari’s quilt

To celebrate the arrival of Hayley and Ian’s baby I made this quilt.


I used fabric from Zen Chic Moda Jelly Roll 1570 JR.  I decided to use white fabric to break up the herringbone design and really celebrate the different colours and designs in the jelly roll.

Tessa Marie Walker has the sewing chick blog with a great post about how to make herringbone quilts here .

The strips of fabric were 2.5 inches by 8.5 inches. I used 48 strips of white fabric. Each panel is made up of 4 strips. Each row has 3 zigs and 3 zags and there are 4 rows in total. The top and bottom of the quilt is finished off with white fabric. The final quilt size is 48 inches by 66 inches.



Felt reindeer decoration


I made this cute reindeer felt decoration ready for next year’s christmas. I used two embroidery threads for the stitching. The reindeer decoration is 8cm tall and 9cm wide.


  1. Print and cut out the Felt Reindeer Pattern. Use the pattern to cut out the felt pieces.
  2. Back stitch the red nose onto the head and add two french knots (wrap thread 4 times around the needle) for the eyes.
  3. Position the ears, antlers and string between the two pieces of the head. Start stitching from one ear to the other.
  4. Then add some stuffing and finish stitching around the head.
  5. Hang up on the christmas tree!

The Betty Quilt

I made this quilt for my grandmas birthday. The pattern is from Kitchen Table Quilting and you can purchase the pattern here . I did use fewer fabrics than the pattern asked. I’m pretty happy with it event though it took me a lot longer to piece together than expected. To sew the quilt together I did a half circle design. Much easier to do this with a measuring tape and to chalk it out before sewing.